New Features Added To The High Yield Sports Platform

July 6, 2021

Amazing New Features For Your Edge

We've been working tediously and diligently since our prelaunch phase to create the best sports bettors platform available on the market, and so far, all the hard work is paying off! Not only did we work out all the prelaunch kinks on our website and platform, deliver our services daily (which gave us a statistically good month in terms of wpc during our prelaunch trial with a hit rate of over 60%), but we also worked around-the-clock in product research and development mode as well! Because we did, we are now able to bring about 2 new features to the High Yield Sports Platform for our clients.

Artificial Intelligence

Predictions & Picks

Firstly, We are happy to announce the BETA release of our AI into the High Yield Sports Platform. Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more prevelant in Sports Betting and even in Sports in general, so we couldn't just sit back and not try to involve AI while knowing what we know. The High Yield Sports Platform AI is currently active and available to all clients. Visit our homepage for more info on the High Yield Sports AI.

Hedge Bet Tracker

Before High Yield Sports even went into prelaunch, one of the core products/services we wanted to offer was a bet tracker. Later realizing this was going to be a very time consuming task which we didn't have the time nor the resources for (at the time), it had to be put to the side, and unfortunately, wouldn't be able to make it into our offerings because of that. However, new possibilites came to light during R&D which made it extremely easy to add a bet tracker into our offerings and so we jumped on it! Without further ado, all clients now have access to Hedge Bet Tracker in the High Yield Sports Platform!

More To Come!

Even with these two new amazing features on top of our already amazing service line, we still have more features cooking up in the lab for the High Yield Sports Platform! We will drop more info as it comes, stay tuned!

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