More Features Added!

July 30, 2021

We're happy to announce two new features to the High Yield Sports website; High Yield Sports Affiliates & Dark Mode

Dark Mode Activated

According to Healthline, fans of dark mode claim that it can increase the amount of contrast between the text that you’re reading and the background. This would, in theory, make it easier to read on your device. Since reading for long spans of time on a screen can lead to eye strain and dry eye, it seems like it might be worth giving it a try to give everyones eyes a break. We figured one of the easiests things we could do, is implement Dark Mode for everyone with the option to switch back to Light Mode. To switch back and forth, all that's needed is to click on the moon icon on the bottom right on your screen.
Click here for the healthline article on dark mode.

High Yield Sports Affiliates

 We have officially launched an affiliate program available to anyone looking to earn an income by referring High Yield Sports to others. Affiliates earn 20% commissions on all sales they generate. The cookie (for your affiliate link) lasts a lifetime and we'll pay you for the lifetime of the costumers that you refer. For more details and to get started, please click here.

More To Come!

Even with these two new amazing features on top of our already amazing service line, we still have more features cooking up in the lab for the High Yield Sports Platform! We will drop more info as it comes, stay tuned!

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