June’s LIVE

June 28, 2021

Our LIVEs In June Were Profitable!


In the month of June, during our prelaunch trial, we had 3 LIVE sessions which netted us 1 winning session, 1 losing session and 1 session that netted nothing so we consider it a draw.

Our first session was the draw session. We were on LIVE for 4 hours and no action was taken on any wagers due to the fact that the parameters set for our specific wager type was not being met. It would've been great to have had a crack on the first LIVE, but if we had, the wager would've lost and I'd rather not have a losing session, espescially on the first LIVE. Although no action was taken, the discipline needed to stay away from making a single wager in the entirety of 4 hours while LIVE is a total elite move. Total W in our books. Often time the best wager, is the one you didn't take... and that was us on our first LIVE session. To the clients that were with us on this LIVE and followed with us and didn't take any LIVE wagers, kudos to you too, that's some pretty good discipline.

Our second came around shortly after and it would be our first profitable session giving us our W and carry us over till now! That's how powerful our LIVE sessions are. The usual wager taken while LIVE carry odds of 2.50 + (+150 +)! This allows us "breathing room" for when we incur losing wagers albeit LIVE or even our pregame picks! In this LIVE session we were able to get a W at odds of 2.30 (+130).


The third LIVE came literally a couple days later. Needless to say, it wasn't the LIVE we were expecting. I can still remember clearly the Bucks just making show out of the Hawks for revenge on Trae's shimmy and outstanding performance the game prior. Giannis wasn't having it and he proved it. The Bucks put the Hawks in such a deficit and made it very difficult for the ATL comeback. We had wagered ATL to be able to cover the big + when they were down 28 points, we got in for +26.5 @ 1.87 (-115) .... ATL Hawks did not cover the spread.

Moving Forward to July

Moving forward, we look to have yet again a minimum of 3 LIVE sessions but we are aiming for 5-6. It is a slower season right now as there aren't many games going except really for MLB as everything is in playoffs right about now. LIVE sessions are way more effective when there is an abundance of games happening. Irregardless, we want to make the most of what we have to work with, and besides, being in the very early stages our High Yield Sports, we want to give as much value as possible to our clients for being early founding members. It takes vision to see what we see and we believe you should be rewarded for it and so we want to give back as much as possible in the form of added value in any way that we can give it and these LIVE sessions are definitely one of those ways. In time, you'll love the LIVE sessions for the profits they put in your pockets.



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