June 2021 Newsletter

June 23, 2021

Our Prelaunch is drawing to an end

As our prelaunch draws to an end, we want to first and foremost thank everyone, especially our current clientelle for taking the step of faith and getting started with us while not even officially launched. This was a perfect opportunity for us to test the High Yield Sports Website, Platform, Methodology & more, all the while giving early access to those who were following along on our Instagram account and wanted the early bird access to continue getting our picks all the while getting insanely cheap access to all of what High Yield Sports has to offer. The prelaunch trial offered everything the full membership has to offer. Full access to the High Yield Sports Platform; Analyst Selected Picks & High Yield Sports LIVE, all for just $5! This was the best valued promo that will ever happen, and so we want to thank and congratulate everyone that took full advantage of it!

What's Next For High Yield Sports?

Official Launch, Growth & Improvement

As far as everything goes, the majority of our testing during this prelaunch trial checked out well, and for what didn't, it's being worked on and will be optimized before the official launch for a seamless experience for all clients to enjoy. Furthermore, we are looking to work on further on the platform itself in the next few months to add even more value for all clients to get the most of what we have to offer.

We had started off our Prelaunch Trial with a serious big bang and we were on serious fire. We were getting great winning streaks and clients were amazed with the results we were getting. We were getting perfect card days like it was water from the tap and got to enjoy our first weekend being a perfect with 100% hit rate all weekend long. Our first week and a half or so, was extremely great. But it cannot go without saying we also had a pretty ugly run following right after and our first LIVE that netted nothing. It's times like these that defines us as sports bettors. Both us and you. Money management and a non emotional mentality is key for surviving bad runs. Luckily however, overall, we still run a hit rate of 62% (at the time of writing this Newsletter - Blog Post) even after this bad run, which is still pretty impressive, espescially considering the circumstances we have just faced. I cannot sit here and pretend that the losses didn't hurt and, of course, it's upsetting to watch profits go back to the books, but with the right discipline, we will get them back. We are looking forward to ending the month strongly, because if and when that happens, that'll be a strong statement - We are here, and we mean business. And that's exactly it. We want to make an impact in this specialized industry. It'll be the perfect introduction to July.


Our First LIVE

We had our first LIVE on Wednesday, June 16th, 2021. There were 2 NBA playoff games between ATL x PHI & UTAH x LAC , we were looking for potential value wagers on these NBA playoff games, but they never happened. We waited patiently, watching both games and the books for 4 hours, all the while LIVE on the High Yield Sports Platform. Needless to say, it wasn't what we had imagined for a first LIVE but in all honestly, it wasn't bad either. No money won but also no money lost. Simply put, no wagers were made and it was all because the parameters weren't met for us to pull the trigger, and so we didn't. Sometimes the best bets are the ones that aren't made. That night, we went on LIVE video for a minute to explain how the LIVE would operate and then we were LIVE on the LIVE Feed for the next 4 hours. Looking forward, we will maybe still have 1 more LIVE session before June ends, but if not, there will be a minimum of two LIVE sessions in July. I got our hopes up on upcoming LIVES being good ones.

July Offers

July is a big month for High Yield Sports. At the forefront, July 1st is the official launch date and the yearly celebration for the creation of High Yield Sports will be on the 1st of July. Canada Day is also on the 1st of July. Then, on the 4th of July, It's Independance Day in America. To celebrate these significantly meaningful dates, we will be offering a promotional offer for a full month access (Until July 31st) for only $25 and this promotion will only be happening between July 1st all the way to the 4th of July. We are letting all clients know now so that they can be well informed beforehand to take advantage and save $22, because starting July 5th, pricing will be $47 for monthly access to High Yield Sports until further notice. We appreciate all of our early clients and would be honoured to have you continue with us, and we crafted that $25 promo with our early clients in mind as we know the majority will be glad to take advantage of such an offer. Just wanted to give you the heads up about it so you can be prepared for it 😉 🙂

Thank You!

And this concludes our first Newsletter - Blog Post. Again, I want to thank everyone; our clients, guests, followers and all the people following our journey. Let's make the rest of the month great and let's make July even greater. Let's Eat!

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