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From checking what games are live and upcoming across any and all sports. To checking for all sports pregame odds and in-game odds; across the majority, if not all of the sportsbooks, so that you'll get the highest returns on your wagers. To checking how much you'll get on your wagers by using our odds calculator so that you are already in the know on how much of a return you can expect when your wagers win before you even open up your sportsbook to place your wager. To having instant access of handicapped sports picks provided by our in-house pregame sports capper to placing in-play wagers with our in-house sports value analyst on our LIVEstreams. We offer what every bettor needs to have an edge and be a winning sports bettor, whether you are just starting or have a large volume of wagers under your belt, the High Yield Sports Platform is simple, easy to use and understand for bettors of all experiences. 


Our handicapped picks are selected over a research period that takes anywhere from 1 1/2 to 4 hours per pick. We have a tedious but effective methodology that's given us the winning track record that we have. We do our research manually and examine everything possible accross our data while also taking into accountability what our SIMs generated results tell us. We look at everything from injuries, to game motivations, team rankings and performance as well as individual player data and performance, to even the weather when applicable! We also are consulted by a variety of other handicappers, analysts and sport bettor professionals, with which we use their input alongside our own research to come to our own educated conclusions to select our pregame picks for us all to make money.

AI Predictions & Picks

Each and every day, sports analysts & professional handicappers release picks on the internet, and daily, sports media agencies output a plethora of information on sporting events. Using all of this available, reliable and statistical information, our proprietary artificial intelligence / machine learning algorithm compiles the data, evaluates market behaviour + statistical models, simulates sporting events thousands of times and then predicts the best possible outcomes for each game according to the data generated. We then aggregate all of the predictions and the ones that score highly get delivered directly to you daily via the High Yield Sports Platform.


Bet tracking is a great way for you to manage your betting portfolio and bet tracking is crucial to your success as a sports bettor. By tracking your bets you can easily see patterns in your betting history through analysis and learn how to place more successful bets. By tracking your bets you can better understand sports betting and improve your handicapping with data and analysis. With the Hedge Bet Tracker you just need to register your bet on the platform then we will do all of the rest! It is as simple and easy as it can ever be!.


With our LIVE service, you'll be able to wager on sports LIVE with our sports value analyst. This all takes place LIVE in real-time on the High Yield Sports Platform. Participate and take LIVE in-play wagers as we take them, and you'll win when we win, it's really that simple. Our LIVE service offers a LIVE Video Stream (for the busier times where tpying all the wagers we are taking all at once in the LIVE Feed just isn't doable) as well as a LIVE Feed alongside the Live Video Stream so that you're always informed of every wager, LIVE as it happens. The LIVE Feed is also there in case you somehow miss the wagers on the LIVE Video Stream, as they will operate together simultaneously so that you don't unreasonably miss a play. Also, during the less busier times when a LIVE Video Stream isn't necessary, the LIVE Feed will still be active for members to be able to do LIVE wagers as we make them. High Yield Sports LIVE is the go to place for all the LIVE action. If you've ever wanted to be able to just copy a professionals wagers LIVE... well, now you have it! Our LIVE service is, hands down, the star of all the membership offerings, and when you grow your bankroll tremendously because of it, you'll understand why.

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